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☆Morbid Runway☆ [entries|friends|calendar]

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☆Friends only☆ [19 Jul 2012|10:44pm]

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[11 Nov 2007|03:05am]
I don't remember doing this before so go ahead. Be brutally honest, I know you want to.

I want everyone's honest opinion of me - please post an anonymous comment to this entry. Try to be as honest as you can, I'd appreciate that. Thanks.
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[20 May 2007|07:32pm]
Here's my concert-report, darlings. Please bear with the fangirling, randomness and such, danke.

This was incredibly incomprehensible thing to begin with. Marjaana calling me, telling she had won the competition and then finaly the trip itself. I was little scared about it all but fuck, it went well. We had fun, maybe too much...and really I couldn't have wished anything else (except the color of our TH shirts is little........ horrid. well you have to complain about something at least!)

I remember the first time I heard about Tokio Hotel. It was few years ago, it was because of the name. After that me and Elena found Bravo and Popcorn magazines. Bill still had his gayfairy-hair and they were so young. Then we searched for music, bill's voice was so high-pitched and well, rest is history. I remember when Rette mich's music video came out, I remember when Bill's hair changed from short to long. I feel so old-school... dammit. i own about 10 old Bravo's etc and too many posters (which I now gave to Marjaana because my wall's are freaking full of shit that I can't fit even one poster in anymore.) I used to be so freaking obsessed... then after a while it slowly subsided and after a year nothing but my two posters and shirt reminded me about Tokio Hotel. Music I still did listen once in a while. Fuck, I didn't even know they had released new album before Marjaana told me about me... I feel so ashamed.

but let's begin with the report now, starting from Sunday.

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