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Here's my concert-report, darlings. Please bear with the fangirling, randomness and such, danke.

This was incredibly incomprehensible thing to begin with. Marjaana calling me, telling she had won the competition and then finaly the trip itself. I was little scared about it all but fuck, it went well. We had fun, maybe too much...and really I couldn't have wished anything else (except the color of our TH shirts is little........ horrid. well you have to complain about something at least!)

I remember the first time I heard about Tokio Hotel. It was few years ago, it was because of the name. After that me and Elena found Bravo and Popcorn magazines. Bill still had his gayfairy-hair and they were so young. Then we searched for music, bill's voice was so high-pitched and well, rest is history. I remember when Rette mich's music video came out, I remember when Bill's hair changed from short to long. I feel so old-school... dammit. i own about 10 old Bravo's etc and too many posters (which I now gave to Marjaana because my wall's are freaking full of shit that I can't fit even one poster in anymore.) I used to be so freaking obsessed... then after a while it slowly subsided and after a year nothing but my two posters and shirt reminded me about Tokio Hotel. Music I still did listen once in a while. Fuck, I didn't even know they had released new album before Marjaana told me about me... I feel so ashamed.

but let's begin with the report now, starting from Sunday.

Sunday 13.5 :

I packed on Sunday, taking everything necessary and unnecessary with me. After shooting pratice I had to go to, my sister dropped me to the station and I left to Helsinki and then caught a buss to Lohja. The idea was to spend the night at Marjaana's place and then head to the airport together.

Sunday night we spend packing, watching TH DVD+music videos and constantly dying because of the coming trip. We washed our gig clothes and put them to the balcony, hoping they will be dry before we have to leave. Fat change. We spend about half an hour in the morning blowdrying them... yahoo. and they were still damp when we left to catch a bus to Helsinki.

Monday 14.5:

On the bus from Lohja to Helsinki

In helsinki, waiting for bus to the airport

In the bus to the Airport (swedish dudes behind me ;DD)

FAG! look at the red text on the building... *laugh*

We met Liina at the airport. She's the dude from Universal who was babysitting us the whole trip. j/k. We checked in, shopped and she told us our schedule of the day that sounded more than busy one. She also gave us our free Tokio Hotel shirt, lovely red with white stripes... that i still did put on as soon as possible... Then we headed to our gate that was wrong one first... thank god we had more than an hour time still when we noticed it...

After finding the right gate, that was btw 26 not 23, a dozen German girls came to sit in front of us. We had Marjaana's Ipod and loudspeakers for it, playing Tokio Hotel and the girls recognized the band and after that they nothing but stared at us and finaly they started taking pictures of us... like... wth. they had never seen a person who likes Tokio Hotel before?? okay, I might have affected that we are not German...

Marjaana was smoking all the fucking time. She left to the smoking cabin once we were still at the airport and she bumped into Liina there who told her that they could not arrange the meeting with the boys because meet&greet was already full. Well, we were disappointed but heck, we were going to see them live anyways. So we continued to the plane~ that was kinda awful (nordic airlines) but I took us to Cologne/Köln anyways.

The most strange thing was that when we were looking for seats in the plane, I was just sitting down, we heard giggling... and noticed that we had sat right next to the same German girls that had taken pictures of us. they sure did have fun....

well, we had fun also... brains functioning Y/N? no. We were pretty trying to hide all the panic by being idiots and such.

After disembarking we headed for train to the center of Cologne. Time was about 5 p.m local time when we took a taxi to our hotel. the concert were scheduled to start at 7.30 p.m so we didn't really have any spare time for shopping or anything.

*---* amazing church.

our hotelroom. 4 stars Design Hotel CRISTALL.


our minibar that we didn't touch. believe me...

We started changing clothes, putting make-up on and such for the concert right away after arriving. I was still in the bathroom when Liina knocked on the door and next thing I heard was Marjaana screaming loudly. I panicked "WHAT WHAT?!" and opened the bathroom door. Liina had told Marjaana that she got us the VIP tickets AND THAT THEY ARE ARRANGING ANOTHER MEET&GREET THAT WE CAN GET INTO (arranged half and hour after the concert). I completely died on the floor not believing what I had just heard and Marjaana was crying... Holy hell that was one scary moment.

After that we had to change into our clothes that we had prepared for the possible meeting. This ment I had to put wholly white clothes on for the gig also... I was prepared for the worst... I was so sure they were gonna get dirty. ;__;

me ready to go.

marjaana ready to go.

Cd's. checked. Tickets. checked. Money. checked. Keys. checked. Camera. checked. and we were ready to hit the Köln Arena... but before it we had to eat something so we headed for some shopping street. We got stuck at couple of shops (Liina bought a lot of stuff, we did nothing) and then found Burger King. I tried to eat, not succeeding very well. I was so freaking nervous. We had about 45 minutes left and had a little problem finding a taxi. It was about 7 p.m when we finaly got one after waiting it in some hotel for 15 minutes. The clock was ticking. We arrived at the Köln Arena just about 15 before the start, quickly finding the right door and getting in. Only problem we still had was that we didn't have the VIP tickets yet but some woman called Cleopatra was supposed to bring them to us. Which she did after couple of phone calls and moments of panic. We finaly got into the VIP section of the place 10 minutes before the start.

The arena was HUUUUGE. It was full of screaming girls (most of them propably no even 15 years old) and since we did arrive so late the front row was already taken so we had to settle for 4-6 row right in front of Tom (the guitarist), we didn't really complain... haha. All the girls looked us like shit because we didn't speak Germany.

the arena taken with Marjaana's phone so sorry for the bad quality.

On my opinion which is not noted, all the German fangirls looked so hillarious. Almost all of the had fake tattoos on or text sayin "Bill<3" or "tom<3" on their faces. How charming. not. Even the youngest ones were dressed in little tanktops and such, some had nothing but bikini or bras on. I felt just a bit too old to be there... by the time the concert was supposed to start the screaming got even worse and we really regretted not bying a pair of earplugs... I'm so sure my ears were close to bleeding during the gig.

About 5 or 10 minutes late, Tokio Hotel started their last concert of the tour, 19 000 people, including me and Marjaana, watching them.

Setlist (we stole the paper from the meet&greet place... *evil*) ;

Übers ende der welt
Ich brech aus
Spring nicht
Der letzte tag
Wo sinf eure hände
Durch den mosun
Wir sternben niemals aus
Stich ins glück
Ich bin nicht ich
Vergessene kinder
Leb die sekunde

1.Encore acoustic:
In die nacht
Rette mich

Deiner seite -ich bin da- with confetti!

I cannot ever describe how amazing I felt during the gig. They played all my favorites including ich bin nicht ich and durch den monsun. I tried to call to Elena during monsun but my cellphone didn't connect at all. wonder why. Tom stayed most of time right in front of us, looking handsome and all. Bill ran from place to another like an maniac. Georg came to ourside couple of times, looking hot as hell. Gustav stayed behind the drums, as expected. I sang, jumped and wawed my hands while marjaana did the same plus took pictures and video once in a while. Tom noticed my heart gesture as did georg too.

The VIP area wasn't as crowded as I expected but it was still hot as hell. I kept myself dry as possible so my make-up and hair would stay at least in some shape for the meeting with the boys. All the girls around were swetty and screaming, stripping and everything... There were bras, shirts and stuff on the floor everywhere. The most unbelievable thing was that everytime Bill came close to the crowd people started throwing things at him. I see no logic in that... but they still did throw lightstick, shirts and everything at him. Stupid German fangirls with no common sense.

First encore they played acoustic in the center of the stage. They moved the drums closer so first time we saw gustav well. He was smiling 24/7 looking so adorable! Other boys sat on barstools, smiling. Gustav almost threw his drumssticks to us but no ;< During the second encore confetti exploded in the air, spreading everywhere. Awsome ending for the awsome concert. After that boys left the stage. Gustav stayed longest enjoying his time on the spotlight as much as possible.

Concert-pictures (copyright Marjaana/Sakitoe):

tom, tom, tom and some more tom! PASTABOY!

aaw. gusti<3

Then some Bill:

then some videos; (copyright once again Marjaana/Sakitoe)

People started to scatter, we found Liina who had our stuff (she stayed in far side of the VIP area) and then left to find something to drink and bathroom. After quick make-up and tears (my hair looked awful...) plus phonecalls we were taken to the backstage and there into some room that looked like a prison or army showerroom... Cleo gave us waterbottles and told that the boys are getting ready and we have to wait for a little while more.

well, we waited for about 20 minutes. Talked shit and panicked... then some German girls game in. They were actually pretty sweet and recognized that we were speaking Finnish. They asked questions like who we like the best and how old are we etc. they were 15 and 14... once again I felt OLD.

I had never before felt so nervous but as soon as Tom and the rest walked into the room my nervousness dissapeared. They were so... laid-back. First they didn't notice us and went to shake hands with the other 3 girls and then they came us looking shocked. Yeah, we were not thirteen or gaydy like the others, I can imagine, ofter are. We had been asked to put all the stuf we wanted to have signed to one table. Boys started first with the stuff and we were told that we can ask questions now. Their manager or whatever Cleopatra then turned to us, translating everything in English, just then the boys understood that we were not German. Bill's expression just then was so adorable. He turned to look at us confused and smiled, not knowing what to say. He did that many times as Tom did too. Gustav looked pretty normal all the time and georg looked ready to answer any question. Marjaana asked him if they were going to come to Finland and Georg said : "yyeesss~" looking all flirty. (hey, not my imagination! ;<). After questions and signing we were allowed to take pictures together with the band.

It's me on the left, taking picture of them XD haha.

We had quick fight with Marjaana in Finnish about who takes pictures and with whom first and since Marjaana didn't want to, I walked to Bil,l dragging him in the picture with me... haha. no idea how I dared to...anyways, he threw his arm around me and at that point I was sure I'm gonna die but instead I put my hand around his waist and tried to smile and look presentable... here's result:

(oh bill, why you so pretty?)( and why do I look so freaking ugly and fat!?! ;^^^;)

After that people started speaking germany, taking pictures and I was given cameras. I took about five different pictures of the girls posing with the band and blablabla. AT some point Tom made this incredibly funny sound with his mouth... haha I wish we could have recorded it... XD Bill looked at us once in a while and played with his tonguepiercing.

Then me and Marjaana took a group picture with the boys. I went between Marjaana and Tom...then I got to witness pastaboy in action; Tom threw his arm around me first, pulling me close and then without a shame he put his hand straight to my ASS. I was mortified for I while, shocked but then I just thought " ah i don't care." and put my hand on his ass... very interesting picture ensued; (Tom expression = win at life. mine does not XD)

haha. I will never get bored of this picture XD

After this picture, boys were ready to leave. Bill and Tom gave us hugs right away, Georg wasn't sure should he but still did and Gustav wanted to shake only hands but I refused and hugged him instead : D my little teddybear<3

After the meeting we took taxi to our hotel and decided not to go clubbing or anything. I was incredibly tired. after taking a shower, we fell asleep about 1-2 a.m.

Tuesday 15.5:

After goodnightsleep we woke up at 7 a.m, packing quickly and then leaving down for the best breakfast I have ever had in any hotel. It was amazing. *---*

me in the morning... beautifuuul!

Marjaana also looking pretty XD

About 9 a.m we took taxi to the airport, saying goodbye to Cologne/Köln.

i look sooooo smart... yeah...


She resembles Hanna Pakarinen, doesn't she? XD

In the airport we shopped couple of Tokio Hotel magazines and candy. Our flight left about 10.40 a.m.

Then finaly 1. p.m we were back at Helsinki- Vantaa. Liina and Marjaana took a taxi to Helsinki and I; bus to Lahti.

After arriving at Lahti I walked straight to work. i was finaly home at 10 p.m. I hadn't eaten in 14 hours.


I'm finaly finnished!!

I want to thank you Marjaana (because without her I wouldn't have gotten this trip) and Liina (for being the best company ever and being able to tolerate our retarded behaviour p.s we are not that retarted all the time ;^^^;). and of course Tokio Hotel for the best gig and meeting ever, byt they unfortunately are not going to see this anyway XD

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